Fever Care

Measuring for a more accurate reading of your fever, FORA clinically validated thermometers will get it done. With bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor the changes in temperature over a period of time for yourself and loved ones.

Get Accurate Temperature Readings Anytime, Anywhere with FORA Thermometers

Keep your family healthy and safe with a FORA thermometer at home. Quick, easy temperature readings ensure you catch a fever early.

Fever Care

Measuring For a more accurate reading of your fever, FORA Clinically Validated thermometers will get it done. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor the changes in temperature over a period of time for yourself or your loved ones.

FORA IR42 Medical Forehead Thermometer

FORA IR42 Medical Forehead Thermometer

Specially designed for babies:
Infants have unique temperature requirements, which is why using the same thermometer as you would for adults is not recommended. With FORA IR42, you can effortlessly switch between modes for babies, adults, and objects by simply pressing the "Mode" button. Ensure accurate temperature readings for your little ones with ease and convenience.

Clinical-Grade Accuracy: 
The FORA IR42 meets the stringent requirements of ASTM E1965-98, a standard specification for infrared thermometers used for measuring human body temperature. This ensures its reliability and adherence to industry standards. It's also widely used in hospitals and clinics by doctors and nurses. 

Life-long quality and battery savings:
FORA IR42 only use high quality electronic materials and 30 seconds auto turn off design in order to make the battery life up to 3000 measurements, while others can only have 2000 measurement of battery life.

Large screen and Fever warning:
FORA IR42 forehead thermometer with back-lit LED screen and large number display offer easy viewing, even in dark spaces. The built-in fever warning system uses intuitive color indicators to help you identify fever levels at a glance.

Sophistication in Simplicity:
One button, in one second with its incredibly lightweight and sleek design ensures effortless portability, enabling you to monitor your temperature with ease, anytime and anywhere, all while exuding a sense of style and sophistication.

29,99 €
FORA IR20 Medical Ear Thermometer

FORA IR20 Medical Ear Thermometer

Clinically Approved Accuracy:
Used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. As the ear is the best site for accurate temperatures, the FORA IR20 meets the accuracy requirements specified in ASTM E1965-98, ensuring reliable results.

Hygienic & avoid cross-infection
The FORA IR20 Ear Thermometer is designed with disposable probe covers and a one-button ejector, ensuring convenience while minimizing the risk of cross-infection.

Long-Lasting Quality & Easy-to-Clean:
Created with care, the FORA IR20 offers long-lasting quality with its durable metal probe, instilling confidence in its reliability and making it easier to clean. It is resistant to possible scratches and less prone to breakage.

Easy-to-Read LED Screen with Fever Warning:
The FORA IR20 comes with a backlit LED screen and a large number display, making it easy to view results at a glance, even in the dark. Its built-in fever warning system allows you to easily identify fever levels with intuitive color indicators.

Easy-to-Use Design:
The FORA IR20 features a user-friendly design. The special ear probe case allows for easy application of the probes without touching them. With its instant reading capability within 1 second, the FORA IR20 provides the most user-friendly temperature testing experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity for IR20b:
Transfer temperature data to the iFORA MP smartphone app for trends, statistics, and comprehensive healthcare.

36,99 €

Every mama must have one!!

I have gone through so many thermometer that just didn't work or weren't practical for babies (like holding under the armpit). We love having one on hand and Fora Care has made ALL the difference. It is easy to use, quick, and accurate. I don't feel worried like I'm getting a wrong reading and my son doesn't fight me when I try to take his temp. Highly recommend!

IR42 Forehead Thermometer

Easy to use and gives accurate reading every time

It's great for checking the temperature of both children and adults, and I appreciate how gentle and non-invasive it is. The large, easy-to-read display makes it simple to check the temperature even in dim lighting. I highly recommend this ear thermometer to anyone looking for a reliable and convenient way to monitor temperature.

IR20 Ear Thermometer