FORA IR20 Medical Ear Thermometer

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  • Clinically Approved Accuracy - Used in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. As the ear is the best site for accurate temperatures, the FORA IR20 meets the accuracy requirements specified in ASTM E1965-98, ensuring reliable results.
  • Hygienic & avoid cross-infection - The FORA IR20 Ear Thermometer is designed with disposable probe covers and a one-button ejector, ensuring convenience while minimizing the risk of cross-infection.
  • Long-Lasting Quality & Easy-to-Clean - Created with care, the FORA IR20 offers long-lasting quality with its durable metal probe, instilling confidence in its reliability and making it easier to clean. It is resistant to possible scratches and less prone to breakage.
  • Easy-to-Read LED Screen with Fever Warning - The FORA IR20 comes with a backlit LED screen and a large number display, making it easy to view results at a glance, even in the dark. Its built-in fever warning system allows you to easily identify fever levels with intuitive color indicators.
  • Easy-to-Use Design - The FORA IR20 features a user-friendly design. The special ear probe case allows for easy application of the probes without touching them. With its instant reading capability within 1 second, the FORA IR20 provides the most user-friendly temperature testing experience.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for IR20b - Transfer temperature data to the iFORA MP smartphone app for trends, statistics, and comprehensive healthcare.

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FORA IR20 Ear Thermometer

With disposable ear probe covers and an advanced infrared (IR) temperature sensor, the IR20 delivers hygienic, superfast, and accurate ear temperature readings.


Taking care of your family with the highest quality and ease using the FORA IR20 thermometer

Discover the reliability and hygiene of the FORA IR20 Ear Thermometer, trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide. This thermometer offers clinically validated readings with ease and gets the results within 1 second. The disposable probe covers and one-button ejector ensure hygienic usage, while the special metal probe design makes it very easy to clean. Suitable for the whole family, the FORA IR20 Ear Thermometer is a must-have tool for monitoring your loved ones' health. Take care of your family with the highest quality and ease using the FORA IR20 thermometer, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Fortgeschrittener Infrarot-Temperatursensor Separate Ein-/Aus-Taste und Scantaste Fieberwarnung mit Farben

Advanced infrared temperature sensor

Separate power button and scan button design

Fever warning with colors

Advanced infrared temperature sensor with high-quality and durable metal probe design Concept design of device preventing from pressing scan button accidentally. Fever warning by color indicators and beep sound. Green is within normal range, Red indicates fever.

10 Memory Capacity Memory Mode Instructions

1. Press “On/Memory” button to turn on the thermometer.

2. Press and hold “On/Memory” button for 3 seconds to enter memory mode.

3.Press “On/Memory” button to review the latest measurements.

Sonde-Abdeckungs-Auswerfers um das Thermometer EINZUSCHALTEN Stecken Sie das Thermometer vorsichtig ins Ohr Sonde-Abdeckungs-Auswerfers
1.    Insert the probe into the probe cover on the storage tray and push until you hear a "click" sound. 2.    Press to turn ON the thermometer. NOTE: the screen displays the last measurement. 3.    Carefully insert the thermometer into the ear and press the Scan button once. 4.    The result appears on the display while it beeps, and properly discard the used probe cover using the convenient probe cover ejector provided.


Bluetooth Connectivity (IR20B only)

Transfer data to iFORA MP smartphone app and get trends, statistics and other information for more comprehensive fever monitoring. 


Dimension  160.5mm(W) x 45.9mm(H) x 32.5mm(D)
Weight  84g (without battery) 
Power Source  2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries 
Displayed Temperature Range 32°C to 43°C 
Temperature Unit  °C 

Operating Temperature

10°C to 40°C 
Operating Humidity 95% RH or less 
Memory Capacity  10 measurements

* The specifications may be changed without prior notice.