Telehealth Solution

Bridge the Gap between Physician Care and Chronic Disease Self-Management

Mobile Health Solutions

Connecting patients with interactive health records.
Patient-centered. Body-value-based. Interactive.

*Available in Germany only.

iFORA Apps

Manage your chronic disease with ease using iFORA apps, featuring advanced mobile technology, a easy interface design, and detailed data management tools. Take control of your health and enjoy a better quality of life with our innovative and user-friendly solutions.
  • Keep track of your blood glucose, hematocrit, hemoglobin, β-ketone, total cholesterol, and uric acid levels with iFORA HM.
  • Log your notes and evaluate your compliance rates with ease, using the sleek and user-friendly interface.
  • Share your data with your healthcare provider, no matter where you are.
  • Monitor your blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, temperature, and SpO2 levels all in one place with iFORA MP.
  • Get an average of your results and see them in trend graphs and pie charts for easy visualization.
  • Keep your health data organized and easily accessible on your mobile device.
  • Analyze and improve your sleep, stress, and overall wellness with iFORA SpO2.
  • Easily pair the FORA SpO2 device with the iFORA O2 app for detailed analysis of your sleep SpO2 and heart rate variability (HRV).
  • Incorporate resonant breathing techniques to improve your mind and body health.

FORA Telehealth Gateway

The FORA Telehealth Gateway automatically connects to the FORA measuring device via Bluetooth and uploads the readings via cellular connectivity, eliminating the need for complex manual data entry. This makes it easy for clinicians, patients, and family members to view and track the patient's results and overall status via the FORA 24/7 HealthView Telehealth system.

What's more, the Gateway boasts lightning-fast 4G cellular connectivity, ensuring that all data is transmitted instantly to the cloud. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is always up-to-date and easily accessible.

With the FORA Cellular Telehealth Gateway, testing and uploading measurements has never been easier. Simply test using any FORA Bluetooth-enabled device, upload the measurements to the Gateway, and you're done! Experience the convenience and efficiency of seamless data transmission with the FORA Cellular Telehealth Gateway today.