FORA P30 Plus Blood Pressure Monitor

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IRB technology (Irregular Rapid Beat) :

ForaCare's IRB Technology gives an early warning to prevent high-risk individuals from suffering hypertensive crises. This technology provides high-precision detection for any spikes, patterns, and trends in pulse irregularities.

Smart AVG mode (averaging technology):

FORA Blood pressure monitoring system conducts THREE measurements and TWO separate analysis to provide ONE accurate and reliable testing result via automated averaging technology. A full three-measurement cycle requires less than 2 minutes while a single measurement procedure from other brands can take 1.5 minutes.

Date and Time Indicator, Large Memory Capacity:

Displays the current date and time on the screen, and also records the time that the measurement was taken. With 60-200 memory capacity, you can easily track blood pressure variations.

Oscillometric and Auscultatory Measurement:

Has a port that gives the option to perform oscillometric and auscultatory measurements.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Transfer data to iFORA BP smartphone app and get trends, statistics and other information for a more comprehensive hypertension management.

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